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ANTELOPE.SUIT The ANTELOPE.SUIT is the ultimate workout companion that enables you to... more
Product information "SUIT (Male)"


The ANTELOPE.SUIT is the ultimate workout companion that enables you to unleash your potential by stimulating even involuntary muscles during your workouts. With electrodes activating all 8 major muscle groups, the ANTELOPE.SUIT empowers the most time-efficient workouts. Comprised of breathable compression fabric with integrated internal wires, the ANTELOPE.SUIT seamlessly guarantees full freedom of movement. ANTELOPE's Electrical Muscle Stimulation suit is the latest must-have fitness device.

  • Compression fabric: 54% polyamide, 36% polypropylene, 10% spandex
  • 16 Integrated silicone electrodes placed on abs, back, neck, chest and arms, leg biceps, quadriceps and glutes
  • Antibacterial and breathable
  • Handwash
  • Two zippers on the sides of the shirt
  • Integrated cables with magnetic baseplate connection and plug-in connector
  • 8-Channel-BOOSTER
  • Charger plus cable
  • App with four different training programs (Warm Up, Endurance, Strength, Massage/Recovery) 


ANTELOPE must not be used, when one of the following points apply to you:

  • You have a cardiac pacemaker or other electrical implants
  • You are pregnant
  • You have a severe neurological, cardiovascular or tumour diseases
  • You have a serious disease (i.e. fever, infection, inflammations)
  • You have muscle ache/soreness
  • You have muscle spasms
  • You have skin lesions or wounds

Size Chart
If your measurements are in the upper range within one size, we recommend to choose the next larger size.

Please do not set the intensity to 100% in the ANTELOPE.APP.

Available downloads:

EMS is the single most intense strength building method and has the briefest improvement period of all training modalities.

Charlie Francis, world-renowned Canadian track athlete and coach