Suit (Women) with BF 950 Diagnostic bathroom scale

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The ANTELOPE.SUIT is the perfect all-in-one performer. With its 16 electrodes on all major... more
Product information "Suit (Women) with BF 950 Diagnostic bathroom scale"

The ANTELOPE.SUIT is the perfect all-in-one performer. With its 16 electrodes on all major muscle groups, the ANTELOPE.SUIT stimulates even the hard-to-train deep muscles, allowing you to perform highly effective and time-saving workouts. Made of high-performance yarns and equipped with internal cabling, the suit guarantees you full freedom of movement during all your exercises. The ANTELOPE.SUIT with integrated electro-muscle stimulation is the absolute must-have for all sports and fitness fans.

Get the BF950 diagnostic scale with your ANTELOPE.SUIT and track your body measurements on the way to your training goals.

 EMS Suit:

  • 16 integrated silicone electrodes (SHIRT: abdomen, chest, neck, back, upper arms; SHORTS: leg biceps, quadriceps, buttocks).

  • Anti-odor and breathable
  •  Figure shaping and equipped with functional zones
  •  Hand wash / machine wash (max. 30° C, gentle cycle)
  •  3 zippers on the SHIRT
  •  Integrated cabling with baseplate connection (SHIRT) and connector (SHORTS)

For those who want to achieve more, the Antelope EMS suit is just right. Quote from Angeligue Kerber - tennis pro


Body analysis scales with app connection - up to 180 kg

The body analysis scale transmits your data directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth® and supports you on the way to your feel-good weight.

Step by step to your feel-good weight – always keep an eye on the measured values

  • Weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, bone mass; AMR/BMR calorie display
  • With BMI calculation
  • Automatic data transfer within Bluetooth® range after opening the app
  • 2-line display in modern dot matrix look
  • LED motivator: colour-coded feedback for achieving targets
  • 8 users with automatic user recognition
  • Automatic switch-off, overload indicator
  • Weight capacity: 180 kg
  • Modern touch key operation
  • ITO2) surface finish
  • 5 activity levels
  • 2-line display with white illumination of the digits and display of user's initials
  • Modern sandwich construction
  • Switch-on technology: quick start
  • Including free "beurer HealthManager Pro" or "beurer HealthManager" app: Keep track of measurements and body data at any time1)
  • User memory spaces: 8
  • Measurement memory spaces: 30
1) Complete range of uses only available with the free "beurer HealthManager Pro" or "beurer HealthManager" app
2) ITO: indium tin oxide

 Size Chart

Choose your suitable size. If you are within one size with your measurements in the upper range, we recommend that you choose the next larger size. Measure at the fullest part of the chest and hips. The tape measure lies horizontally around the body. The arms hang loosely down the body.

    XS S M
Chest - 79cm 80cm - 86cm 87cm - 96cm
Hips - 80cm 81cm - 90cm 91cm - 99cm
   L XL
Chest 97cm - 111cm    112cm - 122cm
Hips 100cm - 110cm  111cm - 117cm


Technical details EMS Suit

Product name: ANTELOPE.SUIT (Women) 
Battery operation: yes
Storage conditions BOOSTER: Temperature (0 - 35°C) / Humidity (20 - 85%)
Operating Conditions: Temperature (0 - 40°C) Humidity (20 - 65%)
Electrodes: 16
EMS (number of programs): 3
Intensity Adjustable: Yes
Channels: 8
Safety Shutdown: Yes
Use: In all common sports (indoor & outdoor)
CE:  Yes
Guarantee: You can find more information about the guarantee conditions in the user manual


Technical details BF 950 Diagnostic bathroom scale

Product designation: Diagnostic bathroom scale
Connect: yes
5 activity levels: yes
 Batteries: 4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
Illuminated display: yes
User memory spaces: 8
BMI calculation: yes
Switch-on technology: Quick Start
Electrodes: ITO surface finish
Standing surface size in cm: 32 x 32
AMR calories: yes
BMR calories: yes
 Bone mass: yes
iOs 10.0 and Android 5.0 by Bluetooth® 4.0
 Body fat display: yes
Body water display: yes
Measurement memory spaces: 30
Muscle percentage display: yes
Product dimensions in cm: 32 x 32 x 2.4
Weight capacity/graduation: 180 kg / 100 g
Trend display: in app
Standing surface made of safety glass: yes
Transfer with: Bluetooth®
Conversion: kg/lb/st
 Digit size in mm: 23
CE: yes
Warranty in years (You can find more information about the warranty conditions in the manual.): 5 (UK:3)



When should I not train?

Absolute contraindications

In case of absolute contraindications, EMS whole body training must not be performed 

  • In the case of implanted electrical devices (such as pacemakers).
  • In the presence of metal implants.
  • For insulin pump users.
  • In case of fever.
  • In case of known or acute cardiac arrhythmias and other excitation and conduction disorders of the heart.
  • In case of neuronal diseases, seizure disorders (e.g. epilepsy) and severe sensitivity disorders.
  • In case of an existing pregnancy.
  • In case of existing cancer or tumor diseases.
  • After recent operations, especially if increased muscle contractions could interfere with the healing process.
  • In the event of simultaneous connection to a high-frequency surgical unit.
  • In case of a simultaneous connection and/or simultaneous use of other electrical devices that may have an influence on the current supply or the musculature. 
  • In case of acute or chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • In case of acute muscle pain, muscle soreness or muscle cramps.
  • In acute diseases, bacterial infections and inflammatory processes.
  • In diabetes mellitus type 1.
  • In arteriosclerosis and arterial circulatory disorders.
  • On acutely or chronically diseased (injured or inflamed) skin (e.g. painful and painless inflammations, redness, rashes (e.g. allergies), burns, bruises, swellings, open wounds as well as healing wounds, surgical scars in the process of healing).
  • In case of stents and bypasses active for less than 6 months.
  • In case of untreated hypertension, bleeding disorder or bleeding tendency (hemophilia).
  • In abdominal wall and inguinal hernias.
  • In case of acute influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicants.
  • In persons under 18 years of age.


Relative contraindications

In case of relative contraindications, EMS full-body training may only be performed after written medical clearance or self-declaration.

  • In case of acute back pain without diagnoses.
  • In case of  acute neuralgia and herniated discs.
  • In case of implants older than 6 months.
  • In diseases of internal organs, especially in kidney diseases.
  • In cardiovascular diseases.
  • In case of tendency to thromboembolic diseases.
  • In chronic pain conditions that have not been clarified regardless of the body region.
  • In all sensitivity disorders with reduced pain sensation (such as metabolic disorders).
  • In case of medical complaints occuring with the stimulation treatment.
  • In case of persistent skin irritation due to long-term stimulation at the same electrode site.
  • In case of a  tendency to bleed due to injury.
  • In case of motion kinetosis.
  • In case of major fluid accumulation in the body and edema.
  • When taking certain medications.
  • In case of open skin injuries, wounds, eczema or burns.


You can find the training conditions here.


Available downloads:

EMS Suit:

Download user manual DE, FR, ES, IT

Download user manual EN, NL, PL, SE, FI

BF 950:

Download user manual

Download data sheet

Download compatible devices


At first I thought it was too good to be true that there is something that stimulates the muscle from the outside and can make you faster and stronger.

Dr. Lutz Graumann,