New impulses for your training

What are the advantages of EMS training?

EMS training is a highly effective form of working out that promotes muscle growth via targeted muscle stimulation. With EMS training, electrical impulses encourage muscle building, fat burning, shortens your recovery time and best of all, EMS training can be done in less than 20 minutes! Thanks to the mobile system given by the ANTELOPE.PRODUCTS, you are not limited by time or location – you can train when and where you want. Whether it is EMS training at home, in the gym, or outdoors, or as a training supplement for spinning, jogging or while playing football –that’s for you to decide!

Who is EMS training for? What are the advantages of EMS training with ANTELOPE.PRODUCTS? We answer all your questions regarding EMS training here!

Greater Endurance

The Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) system integrated into ANTELOPE increases performance in endurance sports within a short time – making ANTELOPE.PRODUCTS the perfect training partner for anyone who wants to improve their performance, for example, while running. As an efficient training method, EMS training is great for people who have busy schedules and little time to train.

Greater Strength

EMS training with ANTELOPE is innovative, intensive, and effective! It is more effective than conventional barbell training and increases your strength without joint-straining weights – in less time and with the flexibility of where you train. It’s all up to you!  With ANTELOPE EMS training, you can take a very targeted approach to strength training and promote muscle build up, as well as strengthen your back and abdominal muscles whilst integrating endurance training.

A young man is combining a classic strength workout with EMS training. He is wearing the EMS suit from ANTELOPE and is training his arms and his back on a butterfly fitness machine in a dark gym. You can see him from the front, sitting on the machine. His arms are stretched out to the sides with his hands splayed out on the handles of the fitness machine.
A slim young woman is stretching her leg.. She is wearing the ANTELOPE EMS TANK-TOP and leaning against a wall. She is pulling up her left knee towards her chest with her arms in front of her body. In the background you can see a white wall and some blue sky. She is on a roof terrace.

Rapid Weight Loss

EMS training can activate up to 60% more muscle fiber simultaneously compared to conventional workouts. Because muscle fibers are more activated, fat burning is stimulated and continues at full speed even after EMS training, which leads to a higher basal metabolic rate and burning more excess fat.

Rapid Recovery

Once you have completed your EMS training with ANTELOPE, the recovery program helps you to prevent muscle soreness. In addition, recovery times between workouts are reduced – just as effectively as with a massage – making the ANTELOPE massage program the ideal addition to your workout. 

EMS training with ANTELOPE offers you many more advantages...

During a conventional workout, the energy consumption for 20 minutes of training is approximately 150-300 kcal, but with EMS training it is 450-650 kcal. Your metabolism is running at full speed!

EMS training stimulates blood circulation which can improve the appearance of your skin.

EMS training promotes collagen production which ensures firm connective tissue to help fight cellulite!

A young woman and a young man are working out with the ANTELOPE EMS products on a crossfit trainer in a fitness studio. The woman is working out with the EMS suit from ANTELOPE, the man with the EMS vest. The EMS training additionally boosts their metabolism. In the background you can see more fitness equipment.
A young man is training his back on a traction device with the EMS vest from ANTELOPE. He is in a bright fitness room. He is sitting on the traction device and holds the bar of the device which is placed in front of him. He is pushing himself backwards off the machine by using his legs. You can see the front of the young man. You can see a wall and a window front in the background.

EMS training can relieve and also prevent back pain because it specifically stimulates deep muscles.

EMS training is a huge time saver, because a 20-minute workout is equivalent to at least a 1.5 hour conventional workout.

EMS training is very easy on the joints, because you can work out without weights and equipment that strain your joints, working exclusively with your own body weight.

How does Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) work?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) mimics a basic function of the brain:

Normally, muscle contractions are triggered by electrical impulses sent by the brain.

In the case of EMS, these impulses come from outside:

The signal is generated by an external power source and transmitted via conductive material to the muscle, triggering a contraction. The training effect of electrical muscle stimulation will be higher the more frequently or intensively the muscle is contracted.

What should you be aware of in EMS training?



EMS training is more intensive than a regular workout so you shouldn’t train more than twice per week to prevent the effects of overuse. The body needs recovery phases to repair and build up muscle. All metabolic waste products also need to be eliminated. The enzyme creatine kinase (CK) produced during a muscle contraction is doubled after the training session with EMS and only returns to normal after three days – so be sure to take a break of two to three days between training sessions!


Start slowly with EMS training. It is especially important for beginners to slowly work up to the optimal stimulation level and to listen carefully to their bodies.

How does the stimulation feel to you? Is it too weak? Too strong? We recommend starting with a stimulation level of 10-15% and then steadily increasing it.


EMS training increases metabolic activity, and with that associated increased demand for energy there will be an increase in metabolic waste products excreted through the kidneys.

Support your body by drinking plenty of water before, during and after EMS training.


Give your training the right impulse with ANTELOPE!