Strong in competition: Andreas Böhm wins German championship of the Pedal Scooter Association

Andreas Böhm at the EUROCUP of the German Pedal Scooter Association. He can be seen slightly on his pedal scooter to the left of the center of the picture from the front. In the background, other participants of the pedal scooter race can be seen.

Physiotherapist, masseur, doctor-to-be, draft dog athlete, trail runner – and father of twins: Andreas Böhm’s days are full, to say the least. But that’s not enough for him. He also wants to compete in the EUROCUP of the German Pedal Scooter Association. How does he manage such a daily workload? Well, of course, Andreas’ days don’t have any more hours than anyone else’s. Luckily, at ANTELOPE, we can help him a bit to save time during training. This is how he starts well prepared into the competition. And it goes even better than expected …

Muscle building with EMS: Andreas in competition preparation

Andreas has known EMS for a long time. As a physiotherapist, he treats his patients with EMS and knows about the good effect of electrostimulation. For his own training, he has only been using the ANTELOPE suit for a few weeks. How did he start training with it? “I slowly worked my way into it and started with static exercises,” Andreas reports. “At first, I only took a low intensity, as ANTELOPE recommends. Electrostimulation is just a strange feeling at first.” When everything went well, Andreas increases his training. The exercises become more challenging, and he also increases the intensity of the stimulation. Soon he has integrated the ANTELOPE.SUIT into his normal pedal scooter training. “That’s the huge advantage: I’m completely unbound with it. In the preparation phase, I train four to six times a week. Of course, I’m happy when I don’t have to go to the gym twice for three hours besides to my studies and my family. With the suit, I was able to shorten two workouts to 20 minutes and still have a great effect. That’s brilliant, of course.”

"With the suit, I was able to shorten two workouts to 20 minutes and still have a great effect. That’s brilliant, of course.”

Andreas Böhm

German champion scooter EUROCUP

Andreas Böhm ist Deutscher Meister im EUROCUP des Deutschen Tretroller Verbands. Er hält einen Pokal in der Hand und schaut in die Kamera. Er ist in der Bildmitte, von Kopf bis oberhalb seiner Hüfte zu sehen.

With EMS fitness into the competition

Despite all the preparation, the competition in the Pedal Scooter EUROCUP is still on the brink for Andreas. “I had to fight the week before with quite a cold and wanted to cancel my participation already. The night before I slept well through and was in the hot bath – and everything else one does against colds. And then I felt pretty good the next day.” In the competition, the efficient training is finally recognizable: “I felt good the whole time. I was resilient, the kickoff was zippy. I also noticed that I could train the explosive power really well with the suit. I recovered faster after an overtaking attack and had also power reserves in the final sprint.” So did the training with ANTELOPE help? Andreas laughs. “The good ranking speaks for itself. I didn’t expect that at all, after I first wanted to cancel. But then I was surprised to become German champion.”

Faster recovery after sports with the EMS suit

As a physiotherapist, Andreas knows how to take care of a stressed body. His tips: make sure you eat well and get enough sleep. He can recommend lymphatic drainage and cold showers. “I leave the suit on directly after the workout and do the massage. This helps to remove the metabolic waste products produced during the workout more quickly. And I noticed that, too: I felt less muscle soreness and recovered faster.”

Physical "construction sites"? Quickly eliminated with EMS

Stefan Feilen is riding a pedal scooter at the EUROCUP of the German Scooter Association. He can be seen slightly from the side in the center of the picture from head to toe. In the background, a gray barrier fence can be seen.

Andreas definitely wants to continue training with EMS. Especially as a physiotherapist, he sees another advantage: “You have a super effect with little effort – for example, if I ever have a construction site somewhere, like an overstimulation in the back or if the shoulder blade is unstable. That’s where the suit provides great support.” The background: with EMS, you only train with body weight. In the short training sessions, the muscles are intensively challenged, but at the same time the construction sites are not stressed by additional weights.

Want to know what’s next for Andreas’ athletic adventures? Follow him on Instagram and see how his training with the EMS suit from ANTELOPE develops.

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