You can see a young woman wearing the electro muscle stimulation (EMS) suit from ANTELOPE. She is jumping up dynamically, similar to sprinting. The background is light grey.


Wireless Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) products from ANTELOPE are great for private use at home or in the studio and allow you to train when and where you want and more effectively than ever before!


ANTELOPE’s two-piece, wireless EMS suit is made of breathable, antibacterial compression material ensuring the perfect fit. The ANTELOPE.SUIT’s internal wiring ensures flexibility and that you will have full freedom of movement for all your exercises. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) will make your full-body workout more effective than ever before!


ANTELOPE’s EMS TANK-TOP is the perfect training partner for making your upper body workout more efficient and effective. The four electrodes located on the back and abdominal muscles provide targeted muscle stimulation.

You can see a young man who is wearing the electro muscle stimulation (EMS) tank-top by ANTELOPE. He pulls himself up on a bar. You can see his back and muscular arms. The ANTELOPE logo is on the back of the EMS vest. The background is light grey.
A young man wears ANTELOPE's electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) CALF-GUARDS and trains his calves by jumping rope. He is seen from the waist down. The background is grey. He is wearing dark trousers.


Trained and defined calves are important for balance, coordination and speed when running and jumping. Our EMS training calf trainers will make your leg training efforts more effective and efficient.