Achieve your goals faster with ANTELOPE!

Our EMS products allow you a full-body workout or the training of partial body regions such as back, abs or calves. Flexible, effective and mobile – you can use it anywhere – at home, in the gym or while running errands.

Experience a combination of futuristic textiles, patented with dry electrodes and innovative hardware and software to help you take your training to the next level. All ANTELOPE products are of the highest quality and are produced in Germany.

20 minutes of working out with our ANTELOPE products are as effective as a regular 60-minute workout.

Our ANTELOPE products allow you to achieve your training goals in a minimum amount of time.

Do you want to lose weight?

Build muscles and strength?

Define your body or solve your back problems? 

Convince yourself!


Our EMS suit is the perfect all-in-one performer. A total of 16 dry electrodes stimulate all the important muscle groups and the deep muscles, which are notoriously difficult to train. The ANTELOPE.SUIT allows you the most efficient workout ever!

The two-piece SUIT is made of breathable and antibacterial compression material to ensure a perfect fit. The internal wiring guarantees you temporal and spatial flexibility and full freedom of movement in all your exercises.

Thanks to its integrated electro-muscle stimulation, the ANTELOPE.SUIT is the absolute must-have for all sports and fitness fans.


The TANK-TOP is the perfect training partner to make your core workout more efficient and effective. The 4 electrodes are located on the back and abdominal muscles, which help melt those excess pounds away.

Strengthen your stability and counteract back pain with noticeable results!

The ANTELOPE.TANK-TOP is made of breathable compression material, making it perfect for endurance and strength training in the back and torso area.


Finish your training with our ANTELOPE.CALF-GUARDS! 

Well-trained and well-defined calves are important for balance, coordination and speed when running and jumping.

The EMS-based muscle-activating technology allows you to get the most out of your calf workout during strength and endurance training.


Give your training a decisive impulse with ANTELOPE!