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Mobile EMS Training with ANTELOPE at URBAN BOOTCAMP by RPT1

GruppenTraining mit dem Antelope Suit

Under the brand name URBAN BOOTCAMP by RPT1, another bootcamp will be organised in cooperation with the Start-Up ANTELOPE on Sunday 30 June, starting at 1.00pm. At the URBAN BOOTCAMP by RPT1, 5 lucky winners will be given the chance to experience a very special training in ANTELOPE’s ultra-modern EMS suit, which makes every training even more effective. The bootcamp will take place in a unique location: in the Thurn und Taxis Palais in central Frankfurt.


On Sunday, celebrity personal trainer Raffa Wagenhoff will again bring each participant to his or her personal limit with a mixture of bodybuilding and martial arts elements.

EMS Suit from ANTELOPE as a competition prize

Five competition winners will get the unique chance to participate in the boot camp in an EMS suit from ANTELOPE and get to experience a very special way of training.

High-tech sportswear enhances fitness

The EMS suit from ANTELOPE is a perfect training companion. The booster is an external power source and the fine cables integrated into the textile provide electrical impulses for the muscles. In this way, the mechanism naturally leads to muscle contraction, thus increasing performance during endurance sports and promoting your muscle growth.


This is the slogan for the URBAN BOOTCAMP by RPT1 in cooperation with ANTELOPE on 30 June. Together we are stronger! With this mindset in place, online registration is now open. Participation in the competition is also possible via Facebook and Instagram.

Raffael Wagenhoff trainiert mit Antelope


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