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Your decision to start your EMS training with Antelope was spot-on and we are happy that you are with us! To help you get started quickly & easily, here are a few tips for the training with our suit.

How to put on the ANTELOPE.SUIT and use the app

Connect the booster with the suit

    • First connect the shorts and the booster to each other. To do so, connect the shorts connector to the six magnetic buttons on the back of the booster.
    • Now connect the booster and the shirt. Connect the booster to the baseplate on the left side of the shirt. Make sure that all buttons of the booster are connected to the baseplate. This is the only way to ensure impulse transmission.
    • Turn on the booster by pressing and holding the plus button for a few seconds.
A graphic of one hand connecting the shorts connector to the baseplate's magnetic button.
Graphic in which the booster is connected to the baseplate on the shirt.
Screenshots of the Antelope app. You can see the login screen and the home screen.


Whether Android or iOS, you need our app to work out with your ANTELOPE.SUIT.

Please make sure that both Bluetooth and location services are activated and allow access to the ANTELOPE.CLUB app. This applies to both Android and iOS users.

Tips for your login password:

    • 8 characters
    • one small letter
    • one capital letter
    • one number
    • one special character *)%?@&$!
    • Example: JohnDoepasswor7!

Control the intensity of the muscle groups individually in the Antelope app

Play Video about Control the intensity of the muscle groups individually in the Antelope app

EMS programs

Your first training

So once you’ve put on the suit and connected it to the app, you’re ready to go.

We recommend that you start by choosing an intensity of 10 % to the electrodes and then slowly approach your individual intensity. You will probably feel a slight tingling sensation when the electrodes are working. When you start to sweat, the intensity becomes stronger because the electrodes have more contact with the skin. Let’s go!

Training tips

Icon - Kalender

It should be trained a max. of 2 to 3 times per week.

Icon - Pause

Give your body enough time to regenerate.

Icon - Uhr

It should not be exercised for more than 30 minutes.

Icon - Laufen

Listen to your body and know your limits.

Icon - Trinke Wasser

Drink lots of water.

Icon - Warnung

If you feel unwell or have any discomfort during the training, stop it immediately.

Training videos can be found here


Care tips

Wash tips

    • The suit (textile) should be cleaned by handwashing.
    • After the 5th to 6th training session, it can also be put in the washing machine.
    • A gentle washing program should be selected. At 30 °C and no fabric softener.
    • In addition, the washing machine should be quite filled, so that the baseplate of the suit does not constantly spin against the drum.

Battery tips

    • To spare the lithium-ion battery of the 8-channel booster, it should be fully charged once after receipt of the goods and then only whenever the battery is below 20%. This will protect the battery in the long term and extend its service life.

Care tips

    • The suit (textile) and the booster should not be kept in the sun. In addition, it would be useful to store it protected and not just in a closet.
    • The buttons of the booster should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth from time to time to always ensure that there is full contact between the booster and the suit during training.


Do you have any further questions? Then take a look at our FAQs.

Warning and safety instructions

The ANTELOPE.PRODUCTS are meant to stimulate healthy muscles to improve or support muscle performance. They may only be used by adults. Depending on the parameters of the electrical impulses (pulse frequency, contraction time, rest time, duration of use), the muscles will be strained differently. Use ANTELOPE.PRODUCTS only when your body is fully regenerated. Follow our training instructions and train regularly even without the ANTELOPE.PRODUCTS.


In case of absolute contraindications, EMS whole body training must not be performed 

    • In the case of implanted electrical devices (such as pacemakers).
    • In the presence of metal implants.
    • For insulin pump users.
    • In case of fever.
    • In case of known or acute cardiac arrhythmias and other excitation and conduction disorders of the heart.
    • In case of neuronal diseases, seizure disorders (e.g. epilepsy) and severe sensitivity disorders.
    • In case of an existing pregnancy.
    • In case of existing cancer or tumor diseases.
    • After recent operations, especially if increased muscle contractions could interfere with the healing process.
    • In the event of simultaneous connection to a high-frequency surgical unit.
    • In case of a simultaneous connection and/or simultaneous use of other electrical devices that may have an influence on the current supply or the musculature. 
    • In case of acute or chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • In case of acute muscle pain, muscle soreness or muscle cramps.
    • In acute diseases, bacterial infections and inflammatory processes.
    • In diabetes mellitus type 1.
    • In arteriosclerosis and arterial circulatory disorders.
    • On acutely or chronically diseased (injured or inflamed) skin (e.g. painful and painless inflammations, redness, rashes (e.g. allergies), burns, bruises, swellings, open wounds as well as healing wounds, surgical scars in the process of healing).
    • In case of stents and bypasses active for less than 6 months.
    • In case of untreated hypertension, bleeding disorder or bleeding tendency (hemophilia).
    • In abdominal wall and inguinal hernias.
    • In case of acute influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicants.
    • In persons under 18 years of age.


In case of relative contraindications, EMS full-body training may only be performed after written medical clearance or self-declaration.

      • In case of acute back pain without diagnoses.
      • In case of  acute neuralgia and herniated discs.
      • In case of implants older than 6 months.
      • In diseases of internal organs, especially in kidney diseases.
      • In cardiovascular diseases.
      • In case of tendency to thromboembolic diseases.
      • In chronic pain conditions that have not been clarified regardless of the body region.
      • In all sensitivity disorders with reduced pain sensation (such as metabolic disorders).
    • In case of medical complaints occuring with the stimulation treatment.
    • In case of persistent skin irritation due to long-term stimulation at the same electrode site.
    • In case of a  tendency to bleed due to injury.
    • In case of motion kinetosis.
    • In case of major fluid accumulation in the body and edema.
    • When taking certain medications.
    • In case of open skin injuries, wounds, eczema or burns.

Training conditions ANTELOPE.EMS

What needs to be considered during training?

      • Train a maximum of two to three times per week.
      • Respect the breaks, always train only after at least 48 hours of rest.
      • Train no longer than 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the strain and intensity.
      • Listen to your body and know your limits.
      • Drink enough water.

If you feel unwell or experience any discomfort during training, stop training immediately and, if necessary, contact your family doctor or the emergency services. If dizziness, heart problems or severe pain occur after the training, a doctor should also be consulted.


Training despite the presence of a contraindication and / or non-compliance with the training conditions can cause significant health problems, which in rare cases can lead to death. This can result from, among other things, severe overtraining and non-compliance with the necessary rest periods. Possible side effects include partial loss of strength, delayed onset muscle soreness, and a significant increase in blood levels of muscle proteins such as creatine kinase. In individual cases, creatine kinase can damage the kidneys or other organs in overdoses and lead to their failure. Especially after too intensive training sessions with the ANTELOPE.PRODUCTS, there is an increased risk of muscle damage. However, if you follow our training instructions exactly, none of the mentioned problems should occur.

Some users may experience skin irritation or hypersensitivity due to the electronic stimulation or electrodes. The following symptoms below may indicate severe damage to muscle tissue (rhabdomyolysis). If any of these symptoms occur, please contact a doctor:

    • Brown urine
    • Myalgia (severe muscle pain)
    • Extreme swelling of the muscle

We are happy to help you.

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