The ANTELOPE EMS Vest is the perfect support for your abdominal and back training. Your upper body training will be more efficient than ever with the electrodes placed on the most important muscle groups.

The EMS vest by ANTELOPE - the ANTELOPE.TANK-TOP is exposed against a black background. It is shown from the front, slightly from the side. You can see the lettering "ANTELOPE" on the left side of the EMS vest at the level of the abdominal electrodes. The fabric of the ANTELOPE.TANK-TOP is black and grey. The seams and the logo are turquoise. There are two metallic buttons placed on the belly part. It has zips in the front and on the sides.


ANTELOPE’s EMS Vest is made of breathable compression material with 54% polyamide, 36% polypropylene, and 10% elastane. It has a total of four silicone electrodes on the abdomen and chest. The ANTELOPE.BOOSTER is the EMS Vest‘s energy source, supplying the electrodes with electricity. The ANTELOPE.TANK-TOP and BOOSTER are connected to each other via cables.

You control your EMS Vest using the ANTELOPE.APP, which allows you to choose from a total of three training programs – Endurance, Strength and Recovery.

You can individually set the intensity of the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training session using the ANTELOPE.APP. The ANTELOPE.APP offers you full control of your TANK-TOP, providing you with a choice of three training programmes. These also offer you the opportunity to carry out your electro-muscle stimulation training at different levels of intensity. Get your ANTELOPE.TANK-TOP now!

Reach your goals faster with the mobile EMS Vest from ANTELOPE!


A young man is doing an exercise while wearing the mobile EMS vest from ANTELOPE. He is holding dumbbells in his hands, his left arm is extended downwards. His right arm is performing biceps curls.
A young woman and a young man are wearing the mobile EMS vest by ANTELOPE and are doing an exercise to train their bellies. They are sitting on dark yoga mats on the floor. Their legs are raised off the floor. They are in a fitness room. In the background you can see a shelf with kettlebells.

Firm up your abdomen

Be targeted in the way you train your abdominal muscles for a firm abdomen and a strong pelvic floor.

A group of 4 people are exercising on a roof terrace with the ANTELOPE EMS vest. They all perform a lunge, their hands are stretched upwards above their heads. In the background you can see a white wall. Moss is growing on the stone floor.


Avoid postural defects and imbalances by always being coherent in the way you train relevant muscle groups.

A young man is running down a street while wearing the ANTELOPE EMS vest, combined with short dark sports trousers and sneakers. In the background you can see a dark grey stone wall. The street is also dark grey.


Counteract everyday stress, such as long periods of sitting in the office, with stabilizing back training that can help prevent back pain.

ANTELOPE and Beurer –
The Power Duo

Join forces to get your core muscles in even better shape and to take your workout to the next level! By combining the ANTELOPE.TANK-TOP and the Beurer high-end EMS device, the EM 95 Bluetooth®, you can now increase your performance even faster! You can now workout using the ANTELOPE.TANK-TOP as an exclusive accessory with the EMShomeStudio from Beurer together with the arm or leg cuffs of the EM 95 Bluetooth®. This way, you will be strengthening your arm or leg muscles at the same time as training your abdominal and back muscles!

A woman is standing in front of a large window and is pressing her hands together. She is wearing the ANTELOPE EMS TANK-TOP in combination with the EM 95 from Beurer.
A young woman is standing in a living room and is looking into the camera. She is wearing straps on her arms and thighs that are connected with cables to the Beurer EMS homeSTUDIO EM 95 Bluetooth. She has a smartphone in her hand to control the device.
The Beurer EMShomeSTUDIO EM95 Bluetooth

Thanks to the Virtual Coach, you can now pursue your EMS training under the guidance of the free Beurer EMS HomeStudio App. A virtual coach gives you guidance for engaging in targeted, time-saving and effective upper body training.


Give your training a decisive impulse with ANTELOPE!