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EMS for personal trainers and studios

Get our exclusive premium range for your business including event management, marketing and service packages worth over 2000 €!

Kick-Off Event

To create more awareness for introducing your new program

With an ANTELOPE.TRAINER for Introductions & a Group Workout


Text and image material (including banner)

for online and offline advertising

Service package

Flyers, posters, beach flag

Placement in the ANTELOPE channels (Blog, Newsletter, Social, City Map)

Advantages with ANTELOPE

ANTELOPE makes training with EMS mobile and can be integrated into many training areas.

Proven faster training effects for customers. Significantly more muscle fibers are addressed.

Time-efficient EMS training sessions of a maximum of 20-30 minutes allows you to significantly increase the frequency of your customers per day.

More revenue per training session through specialized training offer.

More variety and quality for your trainer offer.

Attractive marketing and service packages including training and personal product instruction.


With 16 electrodes on all major muscle groups, the ANTELOPE.SUIT also stimulates the deep muscles, enabling you to have the most efficient workout of all time. Made of breathable compression material and equipped with internal wiring, it guarantees full freedom of movement in all exercises from HIIT to TRX.


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