Does mobile EMS with ANTELOPE has enough power?

Interview with EMS trainer Karsten Schröder

To learn more about it, we did an interview with Karsten – an expert in EMS training. He himself has accompanied over 1,000 electric muscle stimulation trainings and we have received some interesting answers from him.

Where do you work? 

In an EMS studio in Frankfurt.

And for how long? 

Six years.

When was your first electric muscle stimulation training?

Six years ago, when I started working in the studio.

How long was your muscle soreness after your first EMS training experience?

I had sore muscles for 5 days after my first EMS workout.

How many trainings have you completed since then with an EMS system?

It must be over 300, because I do an EMS training at least once a week.

How many EMS trainings have you accompanied as a trainer?

A few thousand already, if you count each person individually. We can train up to 4 people at the same time.

What types of training options does EMS-Training have to offer? What are the advantages compared to conventional training methods?

A clear advantage is that you are instructed in the gym. At Fast Forms everyone gets direct feedback, everything is a bit more controlled and in compressed time.

In addition, EMS training is effective, very easy on the joints and also very versatile, whether it is used for yoga, strength training or rehabilitation – it can support any training.

Karsten und Vincent

Are there disadvantages? 

One problem is that it is still not 100% possible to control all the muscles.

In your opinion, what are the reasons for the success of EMS training and the growing popularity among the general public?

One reason is surely the time it saves –  only once a week with just twenty minutes for an effective, full body workout – that’s great! And many of our customers find training with EMS an exciting and innovative change.

What further development do you see in EMS training over the next few years?

As you can already see, wireless training will play an important role in the coming years. In the future, athletes will probably no longer have to worry about annoying cables or a belt slipping. So it will be possible to use EMS everywhere, and the personal training can also take place online.

How many times have you trained with ANTELOPE?

So far I have only tried the ANTELOPE products once and the feeling surprised me a lot! They’re far better and much more intense than I had anticipated. I felt that ANTELOPE triggers more muscles than conventional EMS products.

How does ANTELOPE feel compared to a stationary EMS system?

During stimulation, I feel that the muscle fibres are activated more evenly. At a higher level, ANTELOPE products are more comfortable than conventional EMS products, making it possible to train more intensively.

Do you think ANTELOPE has the same power and training effect as stationary EMS systems?

I have tried the Booster and have to admit that it is much stronger and has more power than other products on the market. I experienced it for myself!

You can find out more about the use of ANTELOPE in fitness studios on our page for studios and personal trainers.