Your power pulse amplifier

The ANTELOPE.CALF-GUARDS are the perfect complement to your calf training. The muscle-activating technology allows you to get more out of your leg workout.

Produktbild Antelope Calf-Guards


The ANTELOPE.CALF-GUARDS are made of breathable compression material with 54% polyamide, 36% polypropylene and 10% elastane. Each one features two silicon electrodes, which additionally stimulate your calf muscles during training. 

The electrodes are supplied with power via the BOOSTER. The central control unit is the free ANTELOPE.APP. It includes special training programmes for strength, endurance and regeneration, as well as other important information.

Are you ready to make your calf training more efficient than ever before? Get the ANTELOPE.CALF GUARDS and make your leg workout more efficient.

Achieve your goals faster with the ANTELOPE.CALF-GUARDS!

Improve your bounce

Maximise your starting- and explosive strength by targeted stimulation of the most important muscles for your jumps.

Promote your regeneration

Shorten your recovery time by massaging your calves to stimulate your blood circulation.

Prevent injuries

Protect yourself from injury by specifically training the interaction of your calf muscles.

Increase your reactive power

Improve your intermuscular coordination to increase responsiveness and conversion ability.


Give your training a decisive impulse with ANTELOPE!