EMS suit in tennis training: ANTELOPE is proven to make you strong for the match 

Sophia Bergner spielt Tennis in dem kabellosen EMS-Anzug von ANTELOPE in einer Tennishalle. In ihrer rechten Hand hält sie einen Tennisschläger. Ein Tennisball fliegt von vorne auf sie zu.

As being an active athlete, you’re in good shape. But couldn’t you get even fitter? EMS can be the key – convince yourself! With an athlete, we have tested how her fitness improves with the ANTELOPE.SUIT.  

Stimulation electricity without cables: Detached from stationary devices

How much strength can an athlete build up with EMS just in a few weeks? We grabbed Sophia Bergner as an experimental antelope and tested it. The 32-year-old has already played in the 2nd German Bundesliga and is still active in the 2nd Austrian Bundesliga. EMS isn’t new to Sophia, but it hasn’t been a part of her training schedule until now: “It was always a bit too inflexible for me in the past.” Sure, until now, Sophia only knew the stationary devices from the studio. “Since I do have quite a tight schedule with training, work and at that time still studying, it was too much effort for me to make an appointment.” This of course is completely different with the mobile suits from ANTELOPE. We were immediately able to inspire Sophia with this. For us, the most exciting thing was: Will an active athlete become even fitter with our suit?  So, on both sides it was valid: Challenge accepted! And the result? Did ANTELOPE fit into her busy everyday life? Was Sophia able to gain strength with us? We found out about that in a common performance diagnostic in tennis training. 

We wanted to know: What is the benefit of EMS training on the tennis court?

From June to September 2021, we accompany Sophia in a case study. In addition to her normal training, she does EMS training two to three times a week at home or on the road. At the beginning, she’s still a little skeptical: “I thought I’d definitely be limited while I was training.” But she quickly realizes she can do all her normal exercises with ANTELOPE. And everywhere. “I’m fully flexible with the suit. I had it with me on vacation because I didn’t want to skip my workout.” Thus, the suit proved itself in everyday life and Sophia was convinced. But how did our tests turn out? Did her performance improve because of the ANTELOPE.SUIT?   

Ten weeks of strength training in tennis: That's what the EMS suit is good for

After three months of tennis training with EMS, Sophia takes a seat on our testing equipment. Using FPZ devices from the company DAVID, we measure Sophia’s strength and mobility. It turns out even better than we expected: Even a trained athlete like Sophia can generate amazing strength gains during the season. We measured a 51.9 percent increase in strength even in the punching motion with her not-so-strong left arm. This corrects the right-hander’s imbalance. Her mobility has not been affected. On the contrary, her general mobility has even improved. 

We’ve prepared the measurement results for you in the following infographic:  

Sophia Bergner plays in a tennis hall in a wireless EMS suit by ANTELOPE. In white and turquoise letters in the left part of the picture it says "Strength gains trunk: extension: +12%, flexion: -5.4%, rotation: right: +25.2%, left: +51.9%, shoulder joint outside on both sides: + 19.5% Right Leg: +6.4% Left Leg: +17.1% Leg Press: +29.2% Knee Flex Both: +11.5%

No wonder: The ANTELOPE.SUIT is a challenging training partner. “I did twice as much in one training session – just because I had the suit on,” Sophia reports. In competition, she undoubtedly benefits from this: “In the match, I noticed: I have strength, I have good balance. In the game, it turned out: I’ve become fitter.”    

Before, during or after the competition: EMS is always ideal for tennis training

We were able to impress Sophia: “I think the suit is great,” she enthuses, “especially because I can use it so flexibly.” Whether before, during or after the competition phase – the ANTELOPE.SUIT always accompanies the tennis player according to her needs. She optimally prepares her muscles for the game in a short time. In stressful times between matches, she uses it to keep her condition. “When I’m on the road at tournaments, I just take the suit with me and always have my training program with me. Otherwise, I often don’t have time to train besides competing.” And finally, she not only builds up strength before the tournaments – she also recovers better. Her post-competition recovery speeds up noticeably. “I’m definitely fitter when I use the suit after a day of competition to recover.” 

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