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The wireless EMS system for personal trainers, studios and corporate fitness

The wireless Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) products combine highly functional clothing with integrated dry electrodes, a BOOSTER (the control unit) and an APP to control the intensity. Whether it’s a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:5 workout, ANTELOPE’s wireless EMS system offers your customers one of the latest innovations the fitness world has to offer! Increase your client satisfaction now, acquire new clients through extended training opportunities and increase your sales! Thanks to the wireless EMS system, your clients will be able to workout more individually, effectively and in less time than ever before!

Your advantages with ANTELOPE

You stay flexible! Thanks to the wireless EMS system from ANTELOPE, we make EMS training mobile, so you can offer your courses wherever you are – whether it is outdoors, in the studio, or online.

A group of young people are working out with a wireless EMS system - the ANTELOPE.SUIT and kettlebells, in an EMS studio. They are facing the camera sideways. There are two women and two men in the group. They are performing squats with the kettlebell in their hands.
A young man is training with a wireless EMS system - the EMS-TANK-TOP by ANTELOPE, together with a personal trainer in an EMS studio. The young man performs push-ups with kettlebells. The personal trainer stands beside him and watches the execution of the exercise. She is wearing the EMS suit from ANTELOPE. In the background you can see the ceiling and walls of the gym.

More variety and quality for your training offer. Time-saving EMS training sessions of at most 20-30 minutes allowing you to significantly increase your number of daily customers.

Generate more sales per training unit via a specialized training offer and an attractive marketing and service package that includes training and personal product instruction.


All ANTELOPE.PRODUCTS combine highly functional clothing with integrated electrodes, a BOOSTER (the energy-generating control unit) and an APP for setting the impulse intensity and selecting the individual ANTELOPE.PROGRAMMES. The wireless EMS system can be used for all common fitness activities as well as for recovery.

A young woman is wearing ANTELOPE's wireless EMS system, the ANTELOPE.SUIT. She is holding a medicine ball under her left arm and is looking straight into the camera.The background is white.


With its 16 electrodes on all major muscle groups, the ANTELOPE EMS Suit stimulates even the hard-to-train deep muscles for the most efficient workout ever. Made from breathable compression material and equipped with internal cabling, the ANTELOPE.SUIT guarantees full freedom of movement during all workouts from High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to recovery training.


With a total of 4 electrodes on the abdomen and back, the ANTELOPE.TANK-TOP is the perfect training supplement for strengthening and defining the upper body of your customers. Expand your training offer and add new impetus to your spinning classes with the wireless EMS system from ANTELOPE.

A young man is wearing the ANTELOPE.TANK-TOP and is holding dumbbells in his hands. He is performing a bicep curl with one arm. The background is a white surface. He looks sideways down at the dumbbell.
Graphic of a smartphone which is showing the ANTELOPE.APP. The app is the control unit of the wireless EMS system from ANTELOPE. The surface of the smartphone shows the ANTELOPE logo.


We provide you with the ANTELOPE.TRAINER APP which allows you to control the stimulation and to tune it individually for your clients. The ANTELOPE.TRAINER APP has 3 training programs: Endurance, Strength and Recovery. The APP is available for iOS for 1:1 and up to 1:5 training. 


With the ANTELOPE.PACKAGES, we not only offer you the wireless EMS system, but also support your new program with individual marketing services, and a service package with sophisticated all-round assistance so you can start off in the best possible way and achieve success with ANTELOPE!

Kick-Off Event

To promote greater awareness and safety with our wireless EMS system and to introduce your new EMS training program, we are offering you an ANTELOPE.TRAINER to perform a group workout and introductions.


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Service Package

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