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The EMS suit makes your workout highly effective

What is your goal? Maybe to win the next match. Or you want to build up your muscles to do something for yourself and your fitness. No matter what your goal is – goals are good, goals are important. They spur us on and make us dream.

What we all need on the way to our goals is also good support. Let yourself be supported by training equipment that even professionals use – use the EMS training suit from Antelope.

Christoph Rüsseler is working out with the wireless EMS suit from ANTELOPE. Christoph has reddish-blond, short hair and wears a full beard. He can be seen from his head to above his waist. He is performing a kickboxing move with his arms. In the background is a light gray wall.

The booster for training success: How our athletes use EMS

Angelique Kerber x Antelope by Beurer

“You want an intensive workout? That’s what you get with Antelope. And the best part – you’re flexible and can take your EMS suit anywhere!” Angelique Kerber, tennis pro

Discover the many benefits of EMS training

Imagine training in a highly effective, time-saving and flexible way in the future. It’s easy – with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). The built-in electrodes send an electrical impulse to your muscles and thus support the natural training processes in your body.

    • Highly effective: 16 high-tech electrodes stimulate up to 90 percent of your muscle fibers of the targeted muscle groups.
    • Flexible: You can train sport- and movement-specific with the suit.
    • Time-saving: EMS workouts are efficient and short. Because of the intense units, just a few short workouts a week are enough.
    • Where you want: Train at home, outdoors and in the studio. 
    • Support: The professional EMS suit supports you in muscle building, sports, fitness exercises, weight loss and regeneration.
    • Modular system of top and pants and 3 zippers, with high wearing comfort.
    • The suit is easy to clean, machine washable, made of high-performance yarns and breathable.

This is how you achieve your personal goals quickly and effectively

EMS suit in the summer sale for €1,199 instead of the RRP €1,599.

Partner Sales: 2 EMS suits + 1 booster only  €1,749 instead of RRP €2,348​. With a 30-day money-back guarantee.

30 days guarantee

Want to learn more about how much strength a trained athlete can build in a few weeks during the season with EMS?

We accompanied tennis player Sophia Bergner with a case study. The result: EMS makes you strong for tennis matches.

Sophia Bergner during tennis training with the wireless EMS suit from ANTELOPE. She is seen from the front up to above her knees and she is looking to the side with a smile. In her right hand she is holding a tennis racket.

This is what you can count on with Antelope

We want you to love your suit! That is why you can test it for 30 days. If you are not convinced after that, just send it back to us – and we will give you your money back. Guaranteed!

Speaking of guaranteed. We have:

    • Personal, friendly and 100 percent human costumer service
    • A financing
    • Top repair service, customizability & quick return

Personal Costumer Service

30 Days money-back

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Quick size replacement

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*Special offer from Antelope: The offer is valid until 31.07.2023 for the purchase of an ANTELOPE.SUIT and only while stocks last. Shipping costs are additional and one-time within Germany 5,50 € and outside Germany 19,00 €. The promotion is only valid for direct sales via the Antelope webshop ( The product image differs visually from the actual product due to electrode highlighting

The “Money Back Guarantee” (GZG) does not affect the seller’s statutory warranty obligations under the purchase contract with the buyer. The GZG is valid for 30 days from the date of delivery of the product to the buyer. The warranty only applies to products that the buyer has purchased as a consumer and used exclusively for personal purposes in the context of domestic use and returned before the expiry of the 30-day period. The costs for the return shipment are to be borne by the customer. A claim under the warranty can only be considered if the buyer can present a copy of the invoice/purchase receipt and the original product. Excluded from the warranty are products that have been used, cleaned, stored or maintained improperly and/or contrary to the provisions of the operating instructions. If you make use of your right of withdrawal or the GZG, free gifts are also to be returned in full. In individual cases, these are tied to certain promotions, products or a purchase value, thus becoming part of the purchase contract and must also be returned. 

Please notice: We put Angelique Kerber in front of the camera lens before her pregnancy and explicitly point out that pregnancy is a contraindication for EMS training. Learn more about contraindications here.