Das ANTELOPE by beurer Logo, weiß auf schwarzem Grund. Das Logo setzt sich aus einem stilisierten Antilopenkopf und dem Schriftzug ANTELOPE by beurer rechts daneben zusammen.



ANTELOPE success story

Our ANTELOPE success story began in 2014 and has become one of the industry pioneers in the segment of fitness and lifestyle products.

Our office is located in the multicultural area of Frankfurt am Main. With the goal of achieving groundbreaking innovation in the field of electro-muscle stimulation we experienced a successful launch of our product in 2016 during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
Through our participation in the German Accelerator Program 2016 we became the first German Company to be accepted into the Accelerator Program StartX of Stanford University. We have set the goal of developing products that make it possible to get and stay fit more efficiently. This has resulted in a range of high quality and performance increasing ANTELOPE products, based on the EMS Technology. Our products feature a timeless design and can be used by all age groups.
Since 2018, we have successfully been selling our ANTELOPE Products on the international market with focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH).
In December 2019 we were acquired by the traditional company Beurer GmbH and are now working together on technical innovations and joint growth.


Give your training a decisive impulse with ANTELOPE!