10 tips to finally achieve your goals

A young woman wears ANTELOPE's EMS suit and trains in a living room. She performs a stretched lunge and is seen from the side. ANTELOPE's EMS suit consists of a shirt and shorts. "ANTELOPE" is written on the side of the shirt. The living room is bright, large and friendly. In the background there is a large window, curtains picture frames and indoor plants.

Sporting goals are quickly set. You probably also have your own goals that you want to achieve. Therefore, you certainly know how to start highly motivated to start the realization. But this motivation is often lost after a short time and your goals get out of focus. Maybe you’re wondering what you can do to finally experience sporting success. We have the answer for you: With our 10 tips, you may find it easier to achieve your personal goals in the future.

Tip 1: Become aware of your goals

The goal “From now on, I want to do more sports and get fit” is quickly formulated. But what remains open is: Why do you want to do more sports and get fit? You shouldn’t just set yourself a goal. You should also think about what drives you to want to reach this goal. This will give you more motivation! That way, you can see what your goal will actually do for you and why it’s worth sticking with it.

Tip 2: Plan your goal realization

In order to successfully integrate your training sessions into your everyday life, a little planning is required. If you’re planning to start exercising next week, you’ll probably have trouble to actually do that. You need more structure in your everyday life. You don’t have to plan your days from morning to night. It’s enough if you consider the following question in time: On which days do I have time for sports? Maybe it will also help you to make a note of this plan in your calendar, so that nothing gets in your way.

Tip 3: Start slowly and then increase

Most goals are not achieved overnight. You must have a little patience. To stay motivated for your ambitions, you should start small. Every little step counts! After all, it should be fun for you to be active in sports. So, you should try not to be so strict with yourself in the beginning. 

The EMS suit by Antelope offers you a good training start. Just two workouts per week are enough to make your EMS training particularly intensive and highly effective. With short beginner workouts, you save time. You can increase from workout to workout by extending your training time while the exercises get more intense.

A young man and a young woman are working out with the Antelope EMS suit. They can be seen from head to below their knees. The young man is working out with thick, black ropes and is facing the camera while he laughs. The young woman stands to his right and cheers him on while he works out.

Tip 4: Train together with others

Many people enjoy sports more when they do it together. And there is a reason for this: a training partner can give you the motivation to become active and can make it easier for you to overcome your inner obstacle. You can also face sporting challenges together. This encourages you and helps you not to give up.

Tip 5: Set a deadline

Another important point in your planning is to set a deadline by which you want to achieve your goals. This way, you not only have a goal in mind, but also an incentive to keep at it. It is important to set deadlines that you can actually stick to. A good example would be, “By Easter, I will manage to jog 5 kilometers in one go”. So, plan enough time and pursue a realistic goal.

Tip 6: Find inspiration

The success of others can spur you on to achieve your goal. So start looking for people whose successes inspire you and help you work toward your goals. With books, social networks, podcasts or other media, it will be easy for you to find your personal inspirations.

Tip 7: Use intermediate goals as a guide

Every small success on the way to your goal is important and gives you the motivation to continue. Small intermediate goals are a good way to achieve your actual goal. They give you the incentive to get out of your comfort zone. Your first intermediate goal could be to exercise regularly over a period of two weeks. When you achieve this, you will feel proud. 

The EMS training by Antelope is well suited for such intermediate goals: Short workouts of less than 20 minutes even fit into your busy schedule. And you are flexible because you can take your Antelope clothes with you. What are you waiting for? Use the Antelope EMS suit and reach your goals! 

Tip 8: Accept your setbacks

Setbacks are completely normal. At first, they cause frustration. But they can also be seen as something positive because setbacks can increase your sporting drive. It is important for you to accept them and draw new motivation from them. So don’t let yourself get down if your path is sometimes a little bumpy.

A young man is regenerating with the EMS suit by Antelope. He is sitting on a beige carpet slightly turned to the left of the center of the picture. Christoph can be seen from head to toe. He is holding a black smartphone with his left hand, which he is looking at with a smile. A living room can be seen in the background.is regenerating with the EMS suit by Antelope. He is sitting on a beige carpet slightly turned to the left of the center of the picture. Christoph can be seen from head to toe. He is holding a black smartphone with his left hand, which he is looking at with a smile. A living room can be seen in the background.

Tip 9: Pay attention to your diet

No matter what your sporting ambition is: your diet plays an important role in any case. In combination with regular training, you can achieve a lot! So find out how you can adapt your diet to your own goals. You will notice how much the adjustment of the diet can promote your sporting success. 

Tip 10: Look back at your own successes

At some moments, you may not be aware of what you’ve already accomplished. But it can help you to keep your previous successes in mind – no matter whether they are small or big. If you so, you will realize: You’re accomplishing more than you thought! Take time to be proud of yourself. This will give you self-confidence and push you to get closer to your own goals.

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