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EMS Suit

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The mobile EMS Suit from ANTELOPE.
Fitness on a completely new level!

Do you want to lose weight, improve your running routine and build muscle? Then start your training whenever and wherever you want with the mobile EMS suit from ANTELOPE! With the mobile EMS suit, you’re getting a fitness partner that packs a punch. Get more out of your training and discover your full potential!

Icon eines laufenden Menschen von der Seite.

For every level of performance

You can always get in and increase your individual training intensity

Ein Icon einer Person, die eine Hantel über ihrem Kopf hält. Das Icon Symbolisiert „Hoch effektives Krafttraining“.

Highly effective strength training

Build maximum, rapid and explosive strength through full muscle contractions

Icon einer Person die den ganzen Körper streckt. Die Person steht seitlich und führte einen tiefen ausfallschriet aus. Die Arme sind über den Kopf gestreckt. Die Abbildung symbolisiert „Schnellere Regeneration“

Fast regeneration

A specially developed EMS program enables fast muscle regeneration

Ein Icon eines Kniegelenks. In der Abbildung ist ein Knie in einer vereinfachten Röntgenansicht zu sehn. Das Gelenk wird durch einen Stern betont.

Joint-gentle training

No weights are required for intensive and high-quality EMS training

Ein Icon einer Uhr. Der Rand der Uhr besteht aus einem sich schließenden Pfeil. Das Icon symbolisiert „Flexibles & zeitsparendes Training“.

Flexible & time-saving training

In just 20 minutes, you can do a full body workout

Icon einer Person von vorne. Zwei Pfeile befinden sich auf Höhe der Taille, die zueinander zeigen. Die Abbildung symbolisiert „Abnehmen“.

Fast weight loss

Through a higher calorie consumption per training session

The booster for training success: How our athletes use EMS

mobile Suit

The perfect training partner

A total of 16 dry electrodes provide electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) that effectively stimulates all important muscle groups along with those deep muscles that are difficult to train. ANTELOPE’s two-piece EMS Suit is made of breathable and antibacterial compression material, ensuring a perfect fit. The internal wiring guarantees you flexibility in terms of time and location, along with full freedom of movement during all your EMS training and exercises. Learn more

Angelique Kerber doing EMS training with Antelope. She swings pink kettlebells in a bright gymnasium. Angelique is seen from the side, from head to stomach. Angelique holds a kettelbell with both hands and swings it forward. A sports hall can be seen in the background.
Ein junger und sportlicher Mann trainiert mit dem mobilen EMS-Shirt von ANTELOPE. Er befindet sich auf einer Wiese im Hintergrund sieht man ein Hochhaus. Er befindet sich im Sprung. Zum ANTELOPE.SHIRT trägt er noch eine schwarze Radlerhose.


With the mobile EMS shirt you can effectively train your arm and upper body muscles.

Due to the modular system, you can start your EMS training with the ANTELOPE.SHIRT and add the ANTELOPE.SHORTs later. With the top you can efficiently strengthen your core muscles.

Be smart and train with Antelope

Wondering if Antelope is worth it from a financial perspective? Our comparison shows: In relation to training in an EMS studio, you can save a lot with Antelope – and be flexible at the same time.

Mit dem ANTELOPE EMS-Anzug holst du in kurzen Einheiten das Maximum aus Workouts heraus: effiziente & intensive Trainings!Zwei Männer, die den den kabellosen EMS-Anzug der Marke ANTELOPE tragen. Einer der jungen Männer trainiert auf dem Boden, auf einer schwarzen Trainingsmatte. Man sieht seinen Rücken und Hinterkopf, er führt eine Bauchpresse ohne Geräte aus. Auf dem Anzug sieht man an seinem Rücken das ANTELOPE Logo. Ein zweiter dunkelhäutiger junger Mann befindet sich in einer Hocke und berührt den ersten Mann an der Schuler. Er schaut zur Kamera und lächelt. Beide tragen den EMS-Anzug von ANTELOPE sie befinden sich in einem Fitnessraum.
EMS training with ANTELOPE for personal trainers and gyms

Are you looking for new ways to take your business to the next level and give your clients great training results? The innovative compression textiles from Antelope make electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training mobile and can help your business grow.

Your advantages with ANTELOPE
A young man and a young woman train with the ANTELOPE EMS suit. The young man trains with heavy black ropes and faces the camera. The young woman stands to his right and encourages him to train.

Thanks to the mobile EMS Suit from ANTELOPE, you can train whenever and wherever you want!

EMS-training Zuhause. Ein sportlicher junger Mann trainiert im EMS-Anzug von Antelope zuhause. Er führt diagonale Crunches auf dem Boden aus. Vor ihm befindet sich ein Laptop. Im Hintergrund befindet sich ein Sessel und Kommode.

You can integrate the ANTELOPE EMS suit into almost all conventional types of training, thus intensifying them.

A young woman is wearing the wireless EMS suit by ANTELOPE and is doing a workout on a cross trainer in a dark room. The ANTELOPE.SUIT allows her to control her muscles individually during EMS training.

Using the ANTELOPE.APP, you can individually focus on your muscles, enabling especially targeted muscle training.

A young woman is exercising in a bedroom. She wears ANTELOPE's mobile EMS suit and performs a lunge. The EMS suit is dark and consists of a shirt and shorts. The energy source, a so-called BOOSTER, is located on the right side of the EMS suit. The bedroom is very bright.

Thanks to the ANTELOPE massage program, you can treat yourself to a relaxing break and shorten your recovery time.

A young man and a young woman shorten their recovery time by using the wireless EMS suit from ANTELOPE. They are both lying on their backs on the floor in a fitness room and are relaxing through the massage program of the ANTELOPE.APP.

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Text graphic: 30-day money-back guarantee.

30-day money-back guarantee

Try now ANTELOPE EMS products for 30 days. If you are not satisfied return the EMS tech goods to us and we will refund the purchase price.

Repair icon for the repair service for ANTELOPE EMS products. Illustration of scissors in turquoise on a black gear. "Repair Service" is written in white letters in the background.

Repair service

Your ANTELOPE.PRODUCT needs a check-up and a repair? No problem! We offer you a free inspection of your ANTELOPE items. Repairs already from € 35,90 !


Give your training the right impulse with ANTELOPE!

*Special offer from Antelope: The offer is valid until 31.07.2023 for the purchase of an ANTELOPE.SUIT and only while stocks last. Shipping costs are additional and one-time within Germany 5,50 € and outside Germany 19,00 €. The promotion is only valid for direct sales via the Antelope webshop ( The product image differs visually from the actual product due to electrode highlighting

The “Money Back Guarantee” (GZG) does not affect the seller’s statutory warranty obligations under the purchase contract with the buyer. The GZG is valid for 30 days from the date of delivery of the product to the buyer. The warranty only applies to products that the buyer has purchased as a consumer and used exclusively for personal purposes in the context of domestic use and returned before the expiry of the 30-day period. The costs for the return shipment are to be borne by the customer. A claim under the warranty can only be considered if the buyer can present a copy of the invoice/purchase receipt and the original product. Excluded from the warranty are products that have been used, cleaned, stored or maintained improperly and/or contrary to the provisions of the operating instructions. If you make use of your right of withdrawal or the GZG, free gifts are also to be returned in full. In individual cases, these are tied to certain promotions, products or a purchase value, thus becoming part of the purchase contract and must also be returned. 

Please notice: We put Angelique Kerber in front of the camera lens before her pregnancy and explicitly point out that pregnancy is a contraindication for EMS training. Learn more about contraindications here.