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Take your fitness to a new level with ANTELOPE

Do you want to lose weight, improve your running routine or build muscles? The mobile EMS suit from ANTELOPE will help you achieve your fitness goals. Train with ANTELOPE – get the best out of your workout and discover your full potential!

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schneller stärker mit dem Antelope EMS Anzug


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Why train with ANTELOPE?

More strength

20 minutes of EMS training is as effective as 60 minutes of conventional strength training.

Rapid weight loss

High metabolic activity promotes rapid weight loss. EMS training enables you to obtain a slimmer and more powerful body.


EMS training is extremely time-economic and increases your endurance in a short period of time.


EMS training prevents sore muscles and reduce your recovery time.

Known by

ANTELOPE EMS Tank-Top fuer Männer

ANTELOPE for personal trainers and gyms

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

If you are looking for new ways to increase your range of fitness options and want to help your customer achieve great training results –  ANTELOPE is the perfect fit for you! ANTELOPE’s innovative mobile EMS system will boost your business!


Give your training a decisive impulse with ANTELOPE!

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